The Project

Rotan Power is in advanced stages of developing, in two phases, a 660MW gas fired combined cycle power generation plant at Aboadze in the Western Region.

Benefits of the Project

  • Rotan Power will significantly increase the power generation capacity in Ghana to meet the increasing demand for power for hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers.
  • Increased power capacity will lead to significant economic growth and help to consolidate Ghana’s status as a middle income country.
  • The power plant will significantly help in realizing the Government of Ghana’s objective in making Ghana a hub of electricity industry in West Africa, generating additional national income.
  • Creation of employment during construction and long term jobs over the 20 year operating period of the power plant as well as other industrial and commercial activities that would result from the effect of the increase in long term reliable power supply.
  • Rotan Power will mobilize long term foreign direct investment into the Ghana power sector bolstering Ghana’s position as one of the more attractive foreign investment destinations in Sub Saharan Africa.

Project Location

Rotan Power’s generation facility will be located at Aboadze, Takoradi in Western Ghana. The site is near the existing Aboadze thermal complex.

Technology and Fuel Choices

Rotan Power will generate base load and reliable power using:

  • Gas Turbines: using some of the highest efficiency gas turbines in the industry, Rotan Power will generate a total of 660MW, in two phases, over a period of 20 years.
  • Combined Cycle: to reduce generation costs and to limit environmental impact for the benefit of the people of Ghana, Rotan Power will install steam turbines and heat recovery systems to utilize the exhaust heat released by the gas turbines to produce additional capacity without additional fuel, thereby reducing the fuel costs per unit of energy by up to 33% and reducing environmental emissions.
  • Natural Gas: Rotan Power will primarily use natural gas, a cleaner fossil fuel as compared to liquid fuel or coal, thereby significantly reducing the emissions from the facility. Rotan Power will source natural gas from the domestic sources and if necessary, from importation of liquefied natural gas.

Project Progress

Rotan Power is well advanced in its development program and has achieved some major milestones including:

  • Acquisition of a 50 year lease on a property at Aboadze in the Western Region.
  • Acquisition of a provisional wholesale electricity supply license to construct and operate a 660MW power generation facility.
  • Entering into a power purchase agreement with Electricity Company of Ghana for a 20 year term.

The project is expected to reach financial close in 2019 with commercial operations date expected in mid-2022 for phase I and mid-2025 for phase 2.